Why Invest in Platinum

Steps to Invest in Platinum

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Platinum has unique chemical and physical properties that make it essential in a wide range of industrial and environmental applications. And yet, it is also considered one of the finest of all jewelry metal. Over 20% of all consumer goods either contain platinum, or use it as an integral part of their production.

Platinum is the most rare of the precious metals. Roughly 90% of all platinum supplies come from South Africa and Russia. Virtually all of the platinum mined in South Africa is pre-sold to industrial users. Approximately 8 tons of raw ore must be mined to produce just one pure ounce of platinum. Today, the finest and most elegant jewelry contains platinum. Investment platinum is available in the form of American Eagle Platinum Coins.platinum or are produced using platinum. As a consequence, the continued expansion of advanced and developing economies has caused demand for the metal to grow at a faster pace than it is being mined.

5 Year Platinum Price History:

How to Invest in Platinum

Platinum and Palladium, for industrial use and jewelry have become one of the favorite investment options from many investors seeking new ways to generate money. These metals have become refuges for many values, for use in industrial processes. Platinum is an essential industrial commodity which is used worldwide in the manufacture of nearly 20% of all consumer goods with new uses being discovered all the time. Platinum’s beautiful silver blue color also means that it is in high demand for prestige jewelry, a use which accounts for some 40% of global demand.

Reasons to invest in platinum

Platinum and palladium are the main components of the catalysts which reduce the emissions of vehicles in emissions of polluting gases into carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor, which are less harmful. Investments in platinum or palladium are given by the strong demand for catalysts as they reach 50% of demand

Uses and Aplications

Platinum is used in large quantities for the creation of telecommunications electrical contacts

Platinum is applied in the creation of jewelry made? with white gold alloys to decorate

Platinum is used as fertilizer to produce silicones Platinum is employed in the production of biodegradable components for household detergents Platinum is used in manufacturing equipment of glass and plastic reinforced with fiberglass

Platinum is present on all devices with LCD screens Platinum is employed in the manufacture of a catalyst oil